Mariton: Fall Progression

October 31, 2013

By Tim Burris, Preserve Manager. Photos by Carole Mebus.

Mariton’s palette has changed with another week’s passing.  Our forest has a lot of yellows and oranges from the birches and tuliptrees.  We also have an array from burgundy to banana in the sassafras.  The oaks are just beginning to change. We are still showing a lot of green in our forest.  The colors complement each other, but in most places don’t overwhelm.  It is a little more subtle.

When one is observant they will see there are the splashes of color like a spray of red maple in front of trees that still carry green leaves.

 MEBUS RedMapleMaritonWoods1029

Here a cobalt sky is the backdrop for a lone hickory tree.

 MEBUS HickoryLeavesMariton1029

These red viburnum berries are vibrant in the Mariton’s fall woods.

 MEBUS ViburnumBerriesMaritonWoods1029

Finally the tone poem of White Snakeroot seed heads.

MEBUS SnakerootGoneToSeedMaritonTurnpikeTrail1029