Mariton: Nest Box Quiz

June 9, 2011

The Chickadees have left the nest boxes.  We ended up with 14 birds fledging out from this round of nesting.  The Tree Swallows are hatching.  Two of the nests were completely hatched out.  Another nest had both newly hatched young, and eggs.  A new Tree Swallow nest had four eggs in it.  The Bluebirds are coming along and will probably leave the nest in about 10 days .

Here is a little quiz.  Which of the nests below holds Tree Swallows, and which nest holds Bluebirds?  The babies look almost identical at this stage. 

Nest box 6.08.11

I will give you a hint, look at the nests and not the babies. 

Baby birds


The white feathers in the bottom nest are a sure sign of Tree Swallows.  Answer:  Bluebirds in the top photo.  Tree Swallows in the bottom.