Mariton: More Tuesday Bird Walk Fun

May 24, 2019

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus.

We had some great sightings on Tuesday’s walk.  At the very beginning of the walk we saw a Blackpoll Warbler and a Yellow-throated Vireo.  Both birds were singing loudly.

A Least Flycatcher on its nest.

We usually hear lots of Least Flycatchers at this location and Carole got a photo of one on its nest.  We have some keen-eyed birders in our group.  We had a pretty good list of birds including Blatimore Orioles, Scarlet Tanagers, Wood Thrush, Ovenbirds, American Redstarts, Prairie Warblers, and Red-eyed Vireos.

A Chipmunk that was not impressed by a dozen birders watching it through binoculars.

We also saw a Red Eft.  Like many of the birds that we saw, this eft was particularly vibrant.