Mariton: More Than Just Birds

June 6, 2021

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus, Volunteer.

Photo by Carole Mebus

The Birders actually birding. Virginia (second from left).

I love our nature walks!  We call them bird walks during May, but we look at flowers and insects and anything else that catches our fancy.

Photo by Carole Mebus

Spangled Skimmer

On our recent “Bird Walk” the trail was full of dragonflies (not to mention 17-year Cicadas).  Fortunately, our group has a walking resource in Virginia (the person not the state).  She is our go-to  for dragonflies, skipper butterflies, moths, etc.  It is quite cute when the group comes across something we can’t identify.  We’ll look from face to face to see if anyone knows, and then we call out in unison:  “Virginia!”  Virginia will  then look up from what someone else has her studying, and then come over to help us out.  Take that Google and Inaturalist!

Photo by Carole Mebus

Red-banded Hairstreak

This has been the spring for Red-banded Hairstreaks and we are seeing plenty of them on our Bird Walks.  Next week we transition to Butterfly Walks, but you can be sure we’ll be admiring any bird or flower that reveals itself.