Mariton: More Bluebird Eggs

July 9, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Four Bluebird Eggs

I believe the Bluebirds have finished laying their eggs and will begin incubating.  Both nests hold 4 eggs.  I think Bluebirds laying later in the season have better weather and food resources when the chicks hatch.  There are definitely drawbacks to late nests.  I have more problems with ants in the boxes and there are probably more predators out there waiting for the chicks to leave the box.  Another question would be if the young are developed enough by the time fall rolls around to make a short migration and fend for themselves.  All in all, I am pleased that these two pairs are trying to raise broods.  We didn’t get much activity earlier this year in Mariton’s nest boxes, so this is a welcome surprise.