Mariton: Meal and a Movie

March 10, 2015

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Mariton’s Meal and Movie Night is this Saturday (3/14) at 7:30 p.m.  This is a potluck, so I am asking folks to let me know if they plan to attend, and what they are bringing.   Last year, we had a lot fun tasting the array of dishes that people brought.  Among other things, Maureen is bringing pie (because it is pi day).

During dinner, some of our birders will share their bird photos.  This prelude is quite a treat in itself.  During the slideshow, there will be time to chat with the other folks and catch up after a snowy winter.  As the dining winds down, we will take a short break to rearrange tables and chairs.

The feature presentation is A Birder’s Guide to Everything.  This small budget film got good reviews from the NY Times, NPR and other sources.  I was impressed by the trailer, so I bought the DVD.  It is a touching film about high school aged bird watchers, who are dealing with all the things adolescents must face and more.

Last year, we featured The Big Year.   That movie dealt with adult birders dealing with adult issues.  Many of us could relate to some of the issues in The Big Year, and we all could relate to being a little “different” when it comes to bird watching.  I think  A Birder’s Guide compliments last year’s film perfectly.  While some of us weren’t birders when we were in high school, from conversations I know that most of us were a little different because we loved the outdoors and nature more than our peers during those awkward years.  Like last year’s movie, I think this will touch people.  It is a bittersweet humorous film, and it has a happy ending.  This movie was in and out of local film houses so quickly that everyone missed it on the big screen.  So, this is your chance to sit with a bunch of birders to view this touching movie.