Crow’s Nest: Snow pictures

March 8, 2015

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager

Rumor has it that it will keep snowing until our editor has enough photos of the preserves in snow… so here goes!


The valley of Crow’s Nest Preserve with French Creek State Park rising in the background. On a smaller scale, the footprints of a bird and a mouse (note the tail drag marks).



This has not been a typical March for work projects so far. Normally we’re cutting back perennials and mulching the beds. Wildlife is feeling it too. By this date some years the birch, alder, and skunk cabbage are blooming (this last probably is under all that snow). And some years we are already hearing spring peepers by this date.



It has been beautiful but, enough already. Below, the shadow of the barn and silo lean over the landscape.