Mariton: Last Kayak Trip of the Year

October 6, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Night Trip 10/03

We took the kayaks out on the lake Friday night for Mariton’s last kayak trip of the year.  It was cloudy and breezy, but still a good night to be outside and paddle on the lake.  The clouds obscured the moon, so it gave everyone a different feel of our surroundings.

 On the lacke before sunset

People are always amazed at how much they can see in the dark.  We spend so much time lighting our way artificially (even during the day), that we lose our sense of how much ambient light there is, even at night.  The clouds on Friday reflected a lot of light from some local businesses and schools.  However, I spend a bit of time in areas with very little light pollution, and even there you can move around at night pretty easily.  (Granted I love my carrots and have very good night vision.)