Mariton: June Precipitation

July 11, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

June was about an inch below average.  We ended the month with 3.57 inches, and the average is 4.60”.  Still, with a range of 1.36 – 10.93 inches for June over the years, this really is not too out of whack.  Our deficit for the year is around 7 inches now, but the spring at the bottom of the drive is still running; indicating the water table is still high.  So, yes it is dry.  The grass is crackling.  Yet it could be much worse if we weren’t following such a wet year (2011).

What will July bring?  Probably more dry weather.  I often say that July can be the driest month, or the wettest.  It depends a lot on what is happening with tropical systems and where thunderstorms drop their rainfall.  If we stagnate in this weather pattern, it could get a lot drier, before it gets wetter.