Mariton: June Precipitation

July 12, 2020

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.

June was yet another dry month for Mariton in 2020.  We are now 6.36” below average for the first half of the year.  As I’ve written before, that deficit could change fairly quickly, and we might expect that to happen during the next six months.

While this June is below the average of 4.95”, you can see from the chart above that the month is all over the place when it comes to rainfall.  This is just the last ten years of records, but it captures the nature of June’s variability.  Because the wet years are due to thunderstorms (and tropical systems) a similar chart from another Natural Lands preserve could be very different than what is displayed above.

For me it is fascinating that I recorded 1.36 inches of rain for June 1999, and 11.27 inches in June 2013.