Mariton: Invasive Plant Thursdays

March 4, 2022

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Two volunteer vine cutters standing in Mariton's woods.

Photo by Tim Burris

I started the 2022 vine cutting program every other Thursday with volunteers.  We had this program running for several months in 2021 and cleared vines around all the meadows.  We also pulled a few truck loads of garlic mustard.  This year, I scheduled our work mornings so they would not conflict with Luke Hamilton’s volunteer projects at Saunder’s Woods.

A volunteer cutting vines in very thick brush.

We were working in thick vegetation. Photo by Tim Burris

This year, we are moving from the edge into the forest.  This will protect young trees for the future forest.  You can see this week’s area was in an area with thick vegetation.  I have a good crew of volunteers who  jump in with gusto.  We work a few hours, and accomplish much.  (And we always have time to socialize while we work.)  In April, we’ll switch gears and start pulling Garlic Mustard.

A volunteer cutting vines.

Photo by Tim Burris

These projects are simple ways to insure the future health of Mariton’s forest.  I’ve seen it happen.  I can point out many areas at Mariton where removing invasive plants has had impacts like more wildflowers, or better nesting habitat for birds.  I am so grateful for the volunteers that take time out of their own lives to help me with my work here.  We all share a love for this special place on Earth.