Mariton: Friday Night Program

July 30, 2011

Mariton’s Camp concludes on Friday night with a potluck, and a program.  It allows the parents meet each other and see what the children have been doing during the week.  Over the years we have had some pretty interesting speakers.  The favorite is Kathy and Eric Uhler of Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.  They bring wildlife that can’t be released back to the wild.  Then they do a wonderful job helping us learn about the different animals, and how to be better citizens of nature.

This time they also brought a special treat.  Two Screech Owls that they released before the program.  You will notice the two birds are different colors.  Screech Owls, like Ruffed Grouse, come in two color phases.  We still aren’t sure why, as a Gray pair can have red or mixed young, and visa versa.  Probably the best explanation is that one color blends in better in evergreen forests, while the other blends in better in deciduous forests.


Maureen and I will be listening for these birds to be calling when we sit outside in the evenings.  (All photos by Carole Mebus.)