Mariton: Common Yellowthroat

June 19, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.  Photos by Carole Mebus

MEBUS CommonYellowthroatMaleMaritonField0618

The Common Yellowthroat is one of the warblers that we look forward to seeing when it returns in spring.  The male’s bright color and Lone Ranger mask is visually striking.  The witchity witchity witchity song is loud, recognizable and pleasing.  This can be a tough species to see in the spring.  They favor brushy habitats and hide easily in tangles of vines and branches. 

MEBUS CommonYellowthroatMaleMaritonField0618-4

During nesting season, however, they often sing in the open.  Our best views of this bird come in June, once butterfly season starts.  On our Butterfly Walk, we saw several different Common Yellowthroats.  One pair in particular caught our attention as they kept returning to one specific location along the trail. 

MEBUS CommonYellowthroatJuvenileMaritonField0618-2

When we reached that location, I moved some vegetation and looked down to find their baby perched on a seedling.  We paused long enough to take some photos and then walked away.  The nest was close and probably hidden by the dense vegetation, so we watched our steps very carefully.