Crow’s Nest: Woodland path

June 16, 2013


We have started laying stepping stones on a path through a wet spot in the woods behind the visitor center. It’s not an official trail and does not appear on the trail map but it does connect the kids’ play area in the woods with the southern part of the preserve, avoiding the need to cut out to the road to get there.

The project was started by the teenagers who have aged out of our summer camp; since then staff, volunteers, and interns have been adding to it as stone has been available. Some of the stone is left over from a building restoration elsewhere on the preserve. Not all the stone has been set in place yet, and there are still some muddy spots on the way there, but it is much improved over the wet spots we had before. Frankly, the kids never seemed to mind walking through the mud but this path will limit the trampling to only a narrow treadway.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on June 16, 2013.