Mariton: Butterfly Walks

June 19, 2017

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manger.  Photos by Carole Mebus.

Photo by Carole Mebus

Monarch Butterfly

We saw a fair number of butterflies on the walk last Tuesday.  Unfortunately, they did not want to stay still.  The Milkweed blossoms were just beginning to open.  While the milkweed plant provides food for the caterpillars of Monarch Butterflies, the flowers provide nectar for a whole slew of insects.  When the flowers are open butterflies will stop to feed, and we get much better looks at things.  Good news:  the milkweed is opening for this week’s walk.  Butterfly Weed (Asclepias tuberosaI), not to be confused with the invasive butterfly bush, is also beginning to open up.

Photo by Carole Mebus

Great Spangled Fritillary playing hide and seek.