Mariton: Bluebirds Have Flown

May 25, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

The Beatle’s song She’s Leaving Home plays in my head at this time of year.  I am not sure why I think of this song, because I don’t feel any of the remorse or anger.  Rather, I am pretty pleased that a group of birds survived to leave their nest.  After monitoring a nest for several weeks and watching it progress from eggs, to hatchlings, to feathered young, to empty I am usually left in awe; there are so many things working against them.   

The four Bluebird fledglings have left the nest in the yard.  I removed the old nesting material and hopefully a new nest will be started in the coming weeks.  Three Tree Swallows also left their nest during the week. 

The Chickadees above will be leaving any day.  This box is also in the yard and you can hear the chattering pretty much all day. 

She’s leaving home, bye bye.