Crow’s Nest: house restoration update

May 24, 2012

The Building Stewardship staff has moved outdoors for the summer to work on the addition that will go on the back of the lodge house at Crow’s Nest.

The roof is finished and most of the pointing is done. Inside they have framed the walls and started the wiring and plumbing. There are to be two porches (one for each unit, on opposite sides of the house) and a small kitchen for the intern housing in the addition. There is also a substantial amount of grading to do to so there isn’t such a large drop-off behind the house.

Underneath the old (but not original) rear porch the guys discovered an old hand-dug well, mostly filled in—and not too far from the old prviy! They will incorporate the stones of the well into the foundation of the addition (see below) so it will be visible in the area under the new porch they are building, a space that will be used for storage.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on May 24, 2012.