Mariton: 2022 First Quarter Precipitation

April 15, 2022

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

The precipitation at Martion for the first quarter of 2022 was average.   And I mean average.  I have been recording precipitation at Mariton for twenty-five years, so I’ve seen a lot of fluctuation over the years.

In January, I recorded 2.96 inches of precipitation, which included snow that was melted down.  The average for the month is 3.42 inches (so about ½ inch difference).

In February, I recorded 3.34 inches and the average is 3.35 inches.  I had 4.08 inches in March and the average is 4.07 inches.  I don’t remember having recordings so close to the average.

I’ve already reached the average precipitation for April, and we have two more weeks of April Showers.  April will be wetter than average.