Mariton: 2013 Precipitation

January 7, 2014

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

December ended up the year on a relatively wet note.  We received several different snowfalls at Mariton during the month.  There was also quite a bit of rain.  The month’s total was 4.87 inches of precipitation, which includes melted snowfall.

While December’s precipitation was slightly above average, the year ended up slightly below average.  The year’s total precipitation was 52.36 inches.  My average (from data going back to 1997) is 52.97 inches.  The range during those years is 40 inches (40.39 in 1997 to 80.37 in 2011).  So we ended up right where we should be.  We have already received over 1.5 inches in the first week of 2014, making us wetter than the driest January that I have recorded.