make a resolution with nature.

January 13, 2020

It’s January, which means that the gyms are packed and hearts are full of motivation to make big changes this year. Some of the most popular resolutions (exercise more, save money, reduce stress, learn a new skill) are great aspirations if you can stick to them. Without concrete goals (and sometimes a little outside push) resolutions often lose their luster after a few months. That’s where we can help. Here are three ways nature can help you keep your resolutions: 

1. resolve to run.

your resolution: exercise more

happy runner on trail with big puff ball clouds in back

Mae Axelrod

Make your resolution to exercise more stick by signing up for our annual trail run, ChesLen Chase. Not only will you get the lowest price by signing up now, you’ll be making a commitment to yourself with a solid goal (and you’ll have 10 months to train). While other people let their fitness goals slide in February, you’ll be training on the trail for Octoberkeeping yourself on trackor rather, on the trail.

Bonus: training on our trails is free.  

5k feel like too much? Make the 2-mile fun run your goal.  

2. find yourself outside. 

your resolution: exercise, reduce stress 

Jeff Somits

Jeff Somits

Take on the Find Yourself Outside Challenge and hike all of our 20 featured preserves. Once you gather the code words from each kiosk, you’ll receive a super-cool Natural Lands t-shirt. Since visiting our preserves is free, hiking is cheaper than joining a gym. Our nature preserves have great hours: open from dawn till dusk every day of the year!

Hiking through gorgeous scenery will keep your workouts interesting. In fact, many studies have proved that spending time out in nature is not only good for your physical health but can have a positive effect on your mental health as well. 

3. volunteer. 

your resolution: learn a skill, give back

Adam Hribar

Adam Hribar

Volunteer with us and make an immediate impact for nature by cleaning seeds, clearing invasive plants, maintaining trails, planting trees, and much more. Our experienced staff will be on hand to teach you new skills you can take home to your own garden or yard.

Volunteering isn’t just great for nature, it’s great for you! Studies have shown that volunteering can have a positive effect on our mental healthand often our physical health, too. (Want proof? Wear your FitBit and watch the calories burned!) Visit our website to see all our volunteer opportunities and learn something new.