Green Hills volunteer day

November 19, 2015

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager   Photo by Jim Moffett


We had an enormously successful volunteer day Sunday at Green Hills Preserve, cutting vines along the edge of the woods at the top of the photo above.

We freed trees of a load of vines including Japanese honeysuckle and Oriental bittersweet and “edited out” some of the non-native autumn olive and shrub honeysuckles there. Then staff returned early this week with chainsaw and gas-powered brushcutter for the big stuff hand tools couldn’t cut. The difference doesn’t photograph well but the woods look much more natural without a thicket of non-native species along the edge.

The combination of hand tools and power tools works well and allows us to be selective in only cutting the undesirable invasive species. Many thanks are due the hard working volunteers who made this project possible.