Girl Scout Gold

August 29, 2023
A hand-drawn map of New Jersey as part of Sammi Williams' coloring book.

Sammi Williams’ coloring book

Congratulations to Samantha Williams for completing her Girl Scout Gold Award, the most prestigious award given in Girl Scouting.

The honor is given to Senior Girl Scouts who propose a project to help fix a problem in their community or make a lasting change in their world. Girl Scouts who go for the Gold Award get a team of trusted adults and leaders in their community to guide them through challenges and lead them to success, step-by-step.

Sammi trained and volunteered as a Natural Lands kestrel monitor with Natural Lands staff member Steve Eisenhauer, who works at our New Jersey nature preserves: Glades Wildlife Refuge and Peek Preserve. In addition to monitoring the nesting and offspring of American Kestrels this season, Sammi created a coloring book featuring New Jersey endangered species.

Know someone who would love a nature-themed coloring book? You can view and print the pages here.