Crow’s Nest: Yeah, it’s hot

July 7, 2012

Yes, it has been a very hot week. And due to the holiday we didn’t have a week of summer camp during which we would splash around in the creek. Instead, we were mowing, weed whipping, chainsawing, and cutting vines, and volunteers were maintaining trails.

The best place to be, if you’re working outside, is in the shade of our woods. That’s the most comfortable place to be in this heat, aside from a rocking chair on our porch. I know things are much worse far from the woods, in places with more concrete and asphalt.

In fact, that’s my main pet peeve with the heat: the tar on the road in front of the house melts and bubbles and gets tracked around.

That, and, we really need rain.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on July 7, 2012.