Crow’s Nest: Trail improvements

December 7, 2013

We have two new trail improvements this month at Crow’s Nest. The first is a stepping stone path behind the visitor center that makes an unpleasant muddy trail section passable. This is not yet on the trail map—it’s part of a network of trails behind the visitor center that kids use during programs here. But the work here has turned out so well, and this trail links the yellow and red loops of existing trails on our map (Creek and Chief’s Grove Trail with the Deep Woods Trail) , that I will blaze this and use it as part of the red trail that gets visitors to the southern half of the preserve.

IMG_4684 (1)


Second, the “bouncy” bridge on the Creek Trail that was threatening to break any day has been replaced with this sturdy span of white oak decking. Aubrey Smith designed and built the bridge with the help of a couple volunteers. Aubrey also painstakingly set the stepping stones above, with help from Liz Pascale, after Luke Hamilton and I carried the stones into the woods this summer.

IMG_4623 (1)

Both of these places, coincidentally, are good places at the moment to observe the red-headed woodpeckers at Crow’s Nest. We are pleased that these improvements make the preserve a little more welcoming to visitors.

I should note that the more distant parts of the Creek Trail, following yesterday’s steady rain, are still pretty muddy. Wear muck boots and you’ll be fine.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on December 7, 2013.