Mariton: November Rain

December 10, 2013

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

We ended November with 2.51 inches of precipitation at Mariton.  That is about 0.80 inches behind the average for the month.  As things go, it wasn’t bad.  There were several years with drier Novembers.  Last year, 2012, was the driest that I have on record.  Thank goodness that following Hurricane Sandy, we only received 0.92 inches.

For the year as a whole, we are about 1.4 inches behind.  If we get 4 – 5 inches of precipitation in December we should end up very close to average.  Based on what we have already received in December, I think that is possible.  Even if we didn’t get another drop of rain through New Year’s we are still ahead of many of the dry years on record.