Crow’s Nest: Snow Day

January 16, 2024

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

A snow day means different things to different people. I’m currently in the camp of “those who have to clear it” but I am happy to do so in service of the other group: those that are here to relish it.

A truck plowing snow

Photo: Daniel Barringer

I spent a few hours plowing the preserve’s driveways and parking lot. It’s not my favorite task, as plowing on loose gravel is difficult and will later require 50% more time spent remediating the damage. Also, when it all melts, what do you have to show for all the effort? At least visitors have better access until it does melt, and if you want to get out the cross country skis we now (barely) have enough snow to enjoy that.

We also spent plenty of time shoveling, and then later in the day found the sleet freezing to the sidewalks and resisting the shovel blade. So we used a power broom to brush off the surface (Devon operates the tool, below).

A person using a rotating power brush to clear snow

Photo: Daniel Barringer

The ice loosened and mostly brushed off, we followed up with the blower on the fine powder. Cody did the honors, below.

A person using a backpack blower to clear sidewalks

Photo: Daniel Barringer

It looks like this snow will be with us a while so enjoy it while it’s here!