Crow’s Nest rain barrel-just in time!

September 8, 2011

We’ve had more rain than I could have imagined, and all the projects I had planned this week are thrown out the window. Yes, the grass is really high but there’s nothing I can do about it. I won’t have finished the footbridge in time for this weekend’s staff & family picnic (can’t use electrical tools in the rain). But I’m catching up on other projects I wouldn’t otherwise have had time to do until later in the fall.

Brownie Troop 4012 donated this rain beautiful barrel this spring. This week I built a platform so that the spigot is raised above a watering can and I rerouted the barn’s downspout into its lid. During a couple hours’ drizzle this morning the barrel completely filled! Overflow is directed back into the downspout pipe to be discharged into our meadow. The intercepted water will be used on dry days around the barnyard garden.