Crow’s Nest: Power on, trails open

September 6, 2021

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Tree company bucket truck cutting fallen tree off of utility lines

Photo: Daniel Barringer

All of the trails are cleared and electric has been restored to the preserve, so come out out to enjoy the beautiful weather. A dead tree not far from the preserve fell on the lines taking out power in our neighborhood last Wednesday. (I appreciate all that much more the work we put in at the preserve to manage potential hazard trees before they fall.) We a grateful for the utility company tree crews and line crews who restored power—the utility crew came from Bangor, Maine. We are also thankful for how fortunate we are relative to others who lost so much in the storm.

We had about 6″ of rain. The Creek Trail flooded about as high as I think I have observed, perhaps waist deep in places, judging by the mud left on leaves. But all of the boardwalks, footbridges, and gravel emerged intact when the water subsided. With the electricity back on, we have reopened the public restroom at the visitor center barn, though please note that you must be masked to use it, regardless of vaccination status.

This is a glorious time of year and I hope you can take the time to get outside to enjoy it.