Crow’s Nest: Play area refresh

November 24, 2021

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

The “stump playground” in the woods near our visitor center barn, just below the trail from the parking lot, has been refreshed with replacement log sections for kids to hop on. The old ones, themselves replacements, were beginning to rot, as is always the case with these natural materials.

View looking down on log sections set up as a stump playground for kids in the woods

Photo: Daniel Barringer

We recently had another round of hazard tree work done, removing declining trees along our roadsides and around power lines; some of that wood will be left to rot naturally in the woods to encourage new growth, some was given away to neighbors for firewood, and these large pieces of oak the teen volunteers rolled into place in this play area. There are a couple comfortable Leopold chairs there as well to use while the kids are playing.