Crow’s Nest: New footbridge!

July 6, 2016

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


A new footbridge graces the Creek Trail at Crow’s Nest, replacing the “sinking” boardwalk in the same location. (The sinking boardwalk, which “gave” a little into the mud under the weight of hikers, was never that popular with our visitors—but it served for over a decade.)

This new footbridge, built by Assistant Manager Aubrey Smith with volunteers Dave Beck and Pete Beck, measures more than 50 feet long and is firmly anchored in the ground. No more sinking!

Above, the finished bridge. Below, construction underway—2 of 3 joists bolted and ready to be raised into place. Of course it’s dry out right now, you’ll appreciate the bridge even more in the quagmire that winter and spring will bring! (We don’t call it the Creek Trail for nothing!)