Mariton: June Trail Cam Photos

July 7, 2016

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager.

Gratuitous Cute Fawn Photo.

Gratuitous Cute Fawn Photo

I moved the Trail Camera a month ago to a trail that has an intermittent mud puddle. The puddle holds water after it rains, but dries out quickly.  I expected to see some animals using the water in the puddle because I see tracks there.  I didn’t get any photos of animals actually drinking from the puddle, but I did get a lot of photos of deer using the trail.  In particular, two different does (both of them have two fawns) are using the area frequently.

GAME CAN 061716 (2)

How do I know that these are two different does?  *

GAME CAM 62916 (6)

GAME CAN 061716 (8)

(The photos with both fawns are mostly blurred or cut off.  By going through the photos I can piece together the information.)

*Look at the does’ right ears (on your left).