Crow’s Nest: New flowers, and really new flowers

May 6, 2013

We have enjoyed a beautiful week of blooms at the preserve, from dogwood and redbud to anemone, lady’s slipper and trillium.


The weather has been spectacular and the blooms long-lasting.


The rain forecast this week will move things along but there will be other blooms to follow. After all of my years at Crow’s Nest I am still discovering something new. I don’t think I’ve ever seen wood betony (Pedicularis canadensis, below) here before but now there is a patch in a place I visit often but had previously missed.


And then there is the plant that I didn’t recall having seen here (but actually did, because I mentioned it in passing in a blog post in 2007): golden ragwort (Packera aurea, syn. Senicio aureus).

golden ragwort?

The patch I found this year is on the edge of the woods here, a location where I think I would have noticed it before. So maybe this population is new.


Good thing I have seven years of my searchable weblog entries to refresh my memory.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on May 6, 2013.