Crow’s Nest: Leave No Trace training

October 17, 2022

By Allie Cook, Long Term Intern.

Aerial view of pond and forest

Photo: Daniel Barringer

I had the opportunity to attend a Leave No Trace trainer workshop sponsored by WeConservePA, an association of land trusts in Pennsylvania. A mix of hands-on lessons, role-playing, and classroom-style note taking, this course teaches outdoor ethics for anyone who wants to enjoy nature in any capacity.

Over the two-day session, we were taught how to improve upon our general knowledge on respecting nature, as well as other techniques to teach those around us who unaware or wanting to learn. One of the basic principals is “pack in, pack out”—meaning anything you bring with you goes back home with you (this includes any waste your pet may have created as well) and leaving nature as you find it by respecting the flora, wildlife, and other visitors.

If we are more aware of how we interact with the outdoors, then we can all help ensure that the beauty and mystique of the natural world remains intact for many generations to enjoy. For more information, head to LNT.org.