Crow’s Nest: Get Outside!

December 23, 2019

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Yes, the weather’s been frightful outside (until yesterday and today, at least) but the walking has still been good at the preserve. Most of my hiking has been behind these two—our dogs Sunny and Belka (note that they are leashed: to protect themselves, the wildlife, and to make sure other preserve users are comfortable around them). I’m making sure to get out walking for my health, and because the dogs are happier (and therefore I am) when we do.

The good news when it comes to trail conditions is that with the freezing weather there isn’t currently any mud. The bad news is there’s some ice on the Creek Trail (but other trails are dry). Normally I instruct hikers to stay to the center of the Creek Trail, where we’ve put down gravel to mitigate the mud (going around the puddles just leads to more mud). There might be water on the gravel, but the gravel surface provides traction and prevents you from sinking in too far. Now, with the freezing weather, it is best to stay to the side where the mud has firmed up and off the ice itself.

I hope that if you have time off during the holidays that you have time to spend with loved ones and that you have an opportunity to get out to enjoy nature!