Crow’s Nest: Fall color peak?

October 21, 2023

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Forest trees in fall with a boulder at the base of a tree

Photo: Daniel Barringer

Certainly the red maples are at their peak this weekend, as are dogwood trees. Spicebush is turning a warm yellow.

Distant woods with a hint of fall color.

Photo: Daniel Barringer

We haven’t had a frost yet so when we do that may sharpen the fall colors, but it’s pretty great right now.

An arched footbridge below a meadow with a weeping willow in the background

Photo: Daniel Barringer

A weeping willow beyond the footbridge complements the backlit grasses of our meadows. Turfgrass is still bright green which makes a nice contrast with the fall color.

Red maples in fall color along a roadside

Photo: Daniel Barringer

You can see a lot of color from our roadsides and I hope you take some time to enjoy it.