Crow’s Nest: Critter encounters

May 17, 2020

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Here are just a few photos of the creatures we encountered this week at Crow’s Nest Preserve: above, a salamander which is probably a variant of the red-backed salamander (which happens to lack a red back).

Then, a gray treefrog (Hyla versicolor). It was perched on a fence I was repairing, so I moved it out of the way. In my hand (above), you sense the camouflage. Perched on my knuckles (below) you see how attractive an animal this is.

Here are a couple more photos after relocation in grass nearby. I include the photo below because two of the three sticky-pad toes are visible and in focus; ever wonder where they got the idea for E.T.’s digits?

A few minutes later the tree frog was up in a tree, calling. Remember, we use a model of “build it and they will come” for most wildlife at Natural Lands preserves—grow the plants, protect the habitat, and the wildlife will thrive.

And below, a couple trail camera photos Alec collected along Pine Creek of a great blue heron walking the creek. I was a bit surprised to read that they are good hunters at night, something I hadn’t known before.