Crow’s Nest: Camp Week One

July 3, 2014

 By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager


We had a great first week of camp with the sixth graders. The theme is Art in Nature and the kids converted the barn into an artists’ studio.


Then we spent lots of time out in the woods, building tree houses on the scaffolding loaned to us (and put up by) our Building Stewardship Staff. The kids put up walls and decorated until the five houses made the forest into a (temporary) arboreal village.


There was time each day for small group activities, such as botanical drawing, painting with natural paints, and of course visiting the livestock. We also held the Crow’s Nest Challenge hike, where the campers walk from one end of the preserve to the other and see all of the various habitats they have gotten to know over their years at summer camp.


Each day we also spent time exploring in the creek.


We had a great first week of camp and are looking forward to four more!