Crow’s Nest Camp Week One 2023

July 7, 2023

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Crow's Nest Camp kids posing for a photo

Photo: Daniel Barringer

Last week we had an enthusiastic bunch of 6th graders attend camp at Crow’s Nest Preserve. This is the start of a summer-long program we hold for kids entering 1st through 8th grades with a planned curriculum at each age level designed to make kids comfortable in nature, get to know the preserve, and eventually explore conservation in the regional landscape.

Crow's Nest camp kids collecting samples from French Creek

Photo: Daniel Barringer

The week began with heavy rain but overall we were fortunate and were able to complete all activities with only minor juggling of the schedule. Above, campers collect samples for self-contained pickle-jar habitats.

Crow's Nest camp kids doing arts and crafts in the barn

Photo: Daniel Barringer

Painting time included large-scale flower illustrations, creating corn-hole backstops illustrated with flowers, and painting a large mural on masonite that depicts a scene of campers playing along Pine Creek at the preserve. When completed that mural was cut up into puzzle pieces which the campers then reassembled (they completed the puzzle in 12 minutes).

Crow's Nest Camp kids assembling a giant puzzle they had earlier painted before it was cut into pieces

Photo: Daniel Barringer

Camp included small group hikes and free time to play in the woods and in the creek. Campers at this grade level also take on the Crow’s Nest Challenge Hike, where they are dropped off from the hay wagon at one end of the preserve and have to navigate themselves to the other using a map showing a circuitous, 4-mile route. In the photo at top each camper is sporting a T-shirt commemorating the hike.

Crow's Nest camp kids in the natural play area

Photo: Daniel Barringer