Crow’s Nest: April volunteer day in the Deep Woods

April 9, 2023

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager.

Moss-covered rocks in the woods

Photo: Daniel Barringer

Volunteers returned to our Deep Woods (the largest contiguous areas of forest at Crow’s Nest, north and south of Northside Road) in April to cut invasives. It is easy to differentiate the invasive multiflora rose, shrub and vine honeysuckles, and privet at this time of year—they’re all leafing out before any of the native species.

If you look closely at the photo above you can see a couple volunteers cutting the bases of these invasive plants. Volunteers are ideal for this admittedly labor-intensive work as together we can reduce the competition from invasive plants without negatively affecting the desirable species also present. With hand pruners, loppers, and hand saws we can cut individual vines or shrubs without damaging nearby spicebush, viburnum, and young trees. There is no way to achieve this same effect using large equipment or other means. And we enjoy the company of these generous people who come to Crow’s Nest each month; good conversation goes well with good conservation.

Volunteers posing in front of the woods where they were cutting invasive plants

Photo: Daniel Barringer