Crow’s Nest: 2021 Summer Camp week two

July 25, 2021

By Daniel Barringer, Preserve Manager. Photos by Molly Smyrl, Pete Smyrl, and Cody Hudgens.

Photo: Pete Smyrl

The first week (of two) of 7th and 8th grade camp is over. This is the camp where kids who already are very familiar with and comfortable at Crow’s Nest begin to explore the larger landscape where Natural Lands works.

Photo: Cody Hudgens

So there is a field trip to another Natural Lands preserve (Bryn Coed, above). Thanks to our colleagues Darin Groff and Caleb Underwood for hosting the campers.

Photo: Molly Smyrl

And the group kayaks on Scotts Run Lake in French Creek State Park and then on the Schuylkill River that ties our landscapes together. For the 8th graders this is the culmination of their camp careers. We bid them fond farewell but hope they stay close to Crow’s Nest.