Building Bridges at Bryn Coed Preserve

December 17, 2019

We’re building bridges at Bryn Coed Preserve!  

The week before Thanksgiving, two unassembled bridges arrived at Bryn Coed Preserve. Over the next week staff members toted, lifted, leveled, aligned, pried, cajoled, and bolted these bridges to create two stream crossings: a 30-foot equipment/equestrian bridge and a 55-foot pedestrian bridge. These improvements are part of a project to extend the existing trail system at Bryn Coed Preserve to over ten miles of trails.  

Below is a gallery of photos from the construction of the 30 foot bridge, which was assembled and installed in two days by our expert staff.

 Photos by Mae Axelrod and Caleb Arrowood

Want to get a sneak peek of the 55-foot bridge? Check out part two!