a species of special concern

May 10, 2021

Photo: Steve Eisenhauer

If there were a ladder towards extinction, the first rung might be “species of special concern.” When you see that phrase, it means that a species population or habitat has been in decline. In New Jersey, the Barn Owl is a species of special concern, likely due to the loss of habitat in recent years. Barn Owls nest in tree cavities, caves, and nest boxes. A successful pair may use the same nesting site for more than 20 years. This makes the importance of maintaining a nesting site vital to their population. Fortunately, here at Natural Lands our expert staff maintain our nest boxes year after year, such as this one, where a Barn Owl is guarding the owlets in the nest box at Glades Wildlife Refuge.

At Glades Wildlife Refuge, Steve Eisenhauer, regional director of stewardship and land protection, has been maintaining nest boxes to protect the population of Barn Owls. But it takes more than a nest or two to maintain a population. Wildlife need a home where they can find food and each other. They need wilderness. Glades Wildlife Refuge provides thousands of acres of wilderness for owls, eagles, fish, turtles, and toads to thrive. This biodiversity is supported by our community of members who fund our commitment to taking care of nature, this season, and the next, forever. Join our community of supporters and help us maintain the habitat for the Barn Owls for generations to come.