February 6, 2012

In an earlier entry I said that I would post some of my discoveries while monitoring easements.  I connect with these properties personally, and I will do my best to convey that through words and photos.  While you may never explore a protected property, it is worthwhile supporting NLT’s mission.  Conservation easements and Preserves protect water, forest and wildlife resources.  We all live downstream, so they do affect our quality of life, even if we don’t experience them first hand.  Wilderness is a commodity that decreases in supply every single day.

Whether it is water dripping out of a suspended coffee can or Niagara Falls, there is something about the sound of falling water that captivates us.  Recently while monitoring easements in the Poconos, I came across several waterfalls.

Some were just trickles over a stone, and some were streams over a rock face 30 feet high.  Some started from an ephemeral pond that will go dry in the summer.  Some started from wetlands that filter water and provide wildlife habitat all year.