Talks and presentations we’re giving—come see us!

March 1, 2012

Natural Lands Trust will be well represented at state-level land trust conferences this spring. In just ten days you can come see Landscape Architect and Community Planner Rick Trailes and I give a talk about using technology to streamline the easement monitoring process. We’ll be at the New Jersey Land Conservation Rally in Monmouth County giving a talk called, “Easement Monitoring: There’s an App for That!”

I will be giving a similar talk with Geographic Information Systems Specialist Megan Boatright in May at the Pennsylvania Land Conservation Conference in Monroe County. Other presentations by Natural Lands Trust staff at this conference include “Municipal Conservation Tools in Action” (Ann Hutchinson and Rick Trailes), “Adapting to Climate Change: What Land Trusts Need to Know” (Andy Pitz), “Municipal/Land Trust Partnerships of Open Space Conservation” (Drew Gilchrist), “Planning for Compatible Economic Development to Initiate Community Sustainability” (Carol DeWolf), and “A Practitioner’s Guide to Conservation Acquisitions” (Jack Stefferud). Nearly all of these presentations our staff will be making in collaboration with partners from local townships, other land trusts, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and others.

A few staff will also be speaking in May on the topics of affordable mapping, open space protection, and compatible economic development at the Pennsylvania Association of Township Supervisors conference.

The talks that Rick, Megan and I will be giving in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are not about using technology for the sake of being trendy: it’s about how to use technology to make easement monitoring more accurate, more efficient, and more cost-effective. We will talk about using Google Earth (TM) and smartphones to map and document annual conservation easement monitoring instead of a combination of paper maps and stand-alone camera and Global Positioning Unit (GPS). In preparing for this talk I can see how much we have improved this process over the last fifteen years and I am excited to share how we are doing it today.

Posted by Daniel Barringer on March 1, 2012.