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planned giving – creative ways to give

Share your love of nature and the outdoors. Think creatively and find new ways to support our land preservation work.

make a gift in your will or revocable trust – our most popular type of gift
Anyone can make a gift in their will or revocable trust. The benefit? Such gifts do not impact immediate finances and can be modified at a later date should circumstances change. See sample bequest language here.

use your retirement plan – just fill out a form
Another popular way to make a planned gift is to make Natural Lands a primary beneficiary of all or a percentage of your retirement plan. It’s as simple as filling out a form and can be a tax-wise step to take.

direct your bank account or other assets to Natural Lands
Have you been dragging your feet about making a will or updating an old will? You can get a jump start on making a planned gift by just filling out a form and directing that Natural Lands be the beneficiary of your bank or investment account.

establish a charitable gift annuity – retirement income for life
Interested in receiving a steady stream of retirement income while making a charitable donation at the same time? A Charitable Gift Annuity may be the answer—it is a simple contract between you and Natural Lands.

giving from a donor-advised fund
Give to Natural Lands during your lifetime and/or designate the organization as a beneficiary of your fund.

 think about establishing a charitable trust – tailor it to your individual needs
Charitable trusts are among the most flexible charitable planning vehicles available to donors.

use one of your greatest assets and set up a gift of real estate
There are many ways that real estate can be used to benefit Natural Lands. Such gifts also can create sizeable tax deductions for donors.

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