Rain barrel, redux

November 21, 2011

The initial way I had routed the downspout straight into the rain barrel resulted in too much water entering, and blowing the lid off the barrel during hard rains (we had lots of experience with that this fall).

So I purchased a device that regulates the water intake and turned the overflow spigot into the input, so it will fill the barrel gradually and let some water pass directly to the existing stormwater pipe underground.

The device lets the first flush of a hard rain pass straight through to send debris and contaminants on beyond the rain barrel. Then it lets a portion of the rest of the rain go into the barrel while still screening leaves. It has a shutoff switch so that it will not freeze up in the winter. So now the barrel is full again but not overflowing.

With frequent recent power outages this source of water has come in handy for flushing toilets. It will also be used for rinsing feet when returning from the creek at camp, and watering the garden and houseplants.