NextGen Council

Our region’s future conservation leaders and advocates.

Natural Lands’ NextGen Council cultivates future conservation leaders and advocates by connecting young professionals in their twenties, thirties, and forties to Natural Lands’ preserves, programs, and conservation mission. NextGen Council members ensure that Natural Lands reflects the diverse communities we serve and that our work remains relevant and meaningful for future generations—the beneficiaries of our efforts to save open space, care for nature, and connect people with the outdoors.

NextGen Council provides young professionals with opportunities to have a tangible impact on the natural landscape and communities in which Natural Lands works. NextGen Council members ensure that Natural Lands is always looking to the future and striving to understand the needs of our changing region. In turn, Natural Lands invests in NextGen Council members by providing valuable leadership and networking opportunities for these rising conservation advocates.

Meet the current NextGen Council members.

Two Tree Swallows perched on a branch with their mouths open towards each other.

spread the word.

“Land for life. Nature for all.” These are the guiding principles of Natural Lands’ work. NextGen members build awareness and bring attention to the benefits of conserved land and the highest conservation priorities of eastern Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey—ensuring more people have access to and an appreciation for the open space in our region.

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do good.

NextGen Council works to forge meaningful connections between people, nature, and our region’s environmental and economic health. The self-directed council effects change through initiatives that generate awareness, engagement, and impact, especially among their peers.


Giving back can be personally beneficial, too. NextGen members take on leadership responsibilities, expand their professional and personal networks, while deepening their understanding of on-the-ground and policy-level conservation initiatives, the environmental issues affecting our region, and non-profit organizations.

NextGen Council members will:

  • Be in their 20s, 30s, or 40s
  • Be passionate about open space preservation, outdoor recreation, land conservation, and ensuring that all people have access to open space
  • Attend the majority of NextGen Council monthly meetings and events and play an active role in supporting the NextGen Council and Natural Lands’ work
  • Support NextGen Council efforts by sharing their perspective, passion, and interest with the Council and their personal and professional networks
  • Serve at least one two-year term
  • Make a personally-meaningful annual contribution
  • Be committed to our values

Apply to NextGen Council.

Applications for are now closed.
If you are interested in learning more about the NextGen Council, send a message to Gary, our director of development services.