Mariton: Tuesday Walk at Giving Pond

October 24, 2012

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

Because of the road closure, we decided to head to Giving Pond for our Tuesday Walk.  What a great idea.  We counted over 42 species of birds, and had a great walk, even if there were a couple light showers.

Immature Blackpoll Warbler by Carole Mebus.

Probably the highlight was an unidentified confusing fall warbler.  Fortunately, Carole Mebus and Ed Norman got several photos that were later emailed around for analysis.  We eventually came to the consensus that it was a first year male Blackpoll Warbler.  “They don’t call them Confusing  Fall Warblers for nothing.”

That was just one highlight, we saw several interesting species.  A Pied-billed Grebe.  Several hawks, including a Merlin, a Northern Harrier, and several Sharp-shinned.  We saw a Palm Warbler and Yellow-rumped Warblers.  The birding was great.  The fall colors were great.  And the company was wonderful.