Mariton: The Nose Knows

January 16, 2017

by Tim Burris, Preserve Manager

The first deer to cross my trail.  Her front feet are literally where I walked to the camera.

These trail camera photos capture the surprise of deer as they came across my trail in a remote part of the Mariton. I normally try to change camera cards just before (or during ) a rain in order  to wash away my scent.  I departed from that in this instance because I wanted to change the card and batteries before a cold spell.  I have to cross the deer trail to get to the camera.  This was the first group of deer to come down the trail after I had been there.  Not only do they “sense” my tracks, but I think they can smell my scent on the camera. They came by the next day and didn’t bat an eye.

They have walked by the camera plenty of times, but this time the smells are different.