Mariton: Sweet Smell of Rain

July 26, 2011

After over two weeks without rain, we finally received it yesterday.  It smelled so great when it started as a gentle light rain.  You could almost hear the plants breathing a sigh of relief.  Of course, it strengthened and we experienced some torrential downpours. 

We received 3.58 inches of rain yesterday.  In just a few hours, July’s rainfall was doubled, so we are now at 7.18 inches for the month.  I’ve said before that July can be the wettest month, or the driest month.  It just depends on which thunderstorms cross your area, and if the tropics are active.  July’s average at Mariton is 5.47 inches, so we are already above average for the month.  We are still running about 3.5 inches ahead for the year.

Because we went so long without rain, the soil was compacted and much of the water ran off the surface,  This led to the flash flooding in many locations.  Fortunately, forested areas like Mariton soften the effects of heavy rain.  The raindrops make their way down through the leaves almost like a light rain.  It allows the soil pores time to open and absorb more of the rainfall.  The roots of the trees and forest plants are ready to suck up the moisture.